Give your customers the advice they need

Add the power of a generative AI chatbot to your web site and internal software systems with a few lines of code. Whether you need customer facing advisors or internal productivity tools, we have the technology designed to work with your systems today.

It only answers questions when a proper response is available from your knowledge base under your control with our easy to use management tools. It supports links to your website that drive sales and reduce support cost. Links to your web pages allow your customers to buy products, or delve more deeply into a subject detailed on your web site. If the system doesn't know the answer, you manage a customizable message directing your customers for additional support.

We make it easy to add an AI chat icon to your systems by pasting in a few lines of code.

Experience the Next Generation of Conversational AI


Data Privacy

Add URLs or upload your own files
to add your knowledge base to the system.
These files are only used for your application and the AI does not make up answers if it's not in your files.

None of your data is shared with others.


Natural Language

We harness the power of AI and Large Language Models to understand what your customers are asking for, and then use AI to respond with custom written answers derived from your files. Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology empowers GPT to your specific body of knowledge.


Personal Interaction

Unlike traditional search engines, our AI creates a custom message for each interaction. Your customers will each have a personalized session getting them the answers they need. Our generous token window allows us to retain context throughout the conversation with you customers.

Empower Your Conversations with Smart AI Technology

Put the power of custom trained AI on your systems with a few simple lines of code.


Smart Assistance

We use Chat-GPT4 and our software is designed to upgrade smoothly as newer technology becomes available. As AI advances, so will yours without any changes on your part.


Personalized Responses

You don't need to spend countless hours crafting scripts and responses to possible customer inquiry. Every question is crafted specifically from your customers' questions, even if they misspell words or use improper english.


Seamless Integration

We provide you with a few lines of code that you can easily add to your website. It is no more difficult than adding a video embed tag or google tag.


Natural Language

This is where the magic happens. CHAT-GPT has been trained on a vast amount of information that enables it to understand the intent of what your customers are asking for.


Knowledge Base Management

Whether your information is in PDF, DOC, TXT, URLs from your web site, or data extracted from your database systems, our tools make it easy for you add that to the knowledge base. .


Enhanced Efficiency

URLs that you add to the knowledge base are automatically updated on a daily basis. Set it and forget it while our systems update your knowledge base automatically for you every day..



Do we do everything you need except for some specific feature? That's where we really shine. We can customize the system to meet your needs with our Enterprise program.


Multi-platform Support

Whether your customers use a desktop, latop, tablet or phone, our chat window is designed to look good and work well.

Pricing plan

AiAdvisor from Nova Libra offers flexible pricing plans depending upon your needs and usage.
Our basic plan supports one knowlege base for $30 per month with up to 30,000 words for questions and answers each month.

We provide you a few lines of code you add to your site so you can implement advanced AI without costly and risky custom development and training.

Contact us for a new account or for enterprise plan features and pricing.